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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Early Bird Registration for Fall 2019 E-H Workshop: Dancing with Dragons

Registration Now Open
Early-Bird Options Until Aug 30th! 

The Existential-Humanistic Institute Presents:

Dancing with Dragons

Working with Couples' Core Wounds & the Tempering of Relationship - An Existential-Humanistic Approach to Couples Therapy

Developed & Facilitated by EHI Affiliate Instructors: Christine Armstrong, MFT & Louis Dangles, MFT
Date: Saturday, October 5, 2019
Time: 9:15am – 4:45pm
Location: Heart Source Center at 1600 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 125, Berkeley, CA 94702 
Cost: Regular Fee $160.00 Early-bird/$175.00 after Aug 30th
Student and/or Elder: $140.00 Early-bird/$155.00 after August 30th
22 tickets are available for this workshop.
Ticket Refund Policy: Full refund minus a $15 admin fee if withdrawn by September 4th; a 50% refund if withdrawn by September 20th. No refund available after September 20th, 2019.
Continuing Education: The fees above do not include cost for CEs. We have applied for CE sponsorship. We will send attendees a follow-up email about CEs closer to the date of the workshop.
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Engage with Christine & Louis, EHI, and existential therapists at this experiential E-H workshop for day of dynamic engagement. 

This workshop is intended for clinicians who are interested in the dynamic, challenging territory of couples' therapy. Along with helping clinicians more effectively navigate that territory, the workshop will also offer insights into our own journeys of intimacy. We begin with the human dilemma that we cannot open to love without opening to where we have been wounded in love. We all have dragons: their job is to protect the gold; in the most fundamental sense, the continued existence of our essential self.
We will explore the following themes utilizing didactic elements and case material reinforced by experiential exercises and demonstrations:
  • The necessity that intimate partners must encounter each other's core wounds.
  • The inevitability of the experience of betrayal and the archetypal relationship between, trust, betrayal, and forgiveness.
  • Collaborative approaches to the essential task of repair.
  • Intimacy as a container for deep healing and ground for individuation.
  • The morning sessions will focus on the relationship between core wounds and the dragons that guard them. Then we will examine examples of the dynamic dance that evolves between partners. The afternoon sessions will focus on the dynamics of trust, betrayal, and forgiveness. Themes will include the five dangers of betrayal and the four tasks of repair. We will offer reflections on the role of responsibility, accountability, and sovereignty in forging intimacy.
Christine Armstrong and Louis Dangles biography photo

Christine Armstrong, MFT & Louis Dangles, MFT

Christine Armstrong, MFT (CA Lic #7529)
Christine established her private practice in 1976. Her work focuses on depth psychotherapy and she combines an Existential-Humanistic approach with a psychodynamic perspective. She and her husband of 35 years, Lou Dangles, have been doing couples and group work together for the past 20 years. She has trained extensively with Dr. Jim Bugental and Dr. Irv Yalom. More recently her training has included Ariadne Beck’s “group-as-a-whole” model with Jim Fishman. She is currently in private practice in San Anselmo, where she works with couples, individuals, and groups.

Louis Dangles, MFT (CA Lic #8207)
Louis established his private practice in 1976. His work focuses on depth psychotherapy and he combines an Existential-Humanistic approach with archetypal and psychodynamic perspectives. He has trained extensively with Dr. Jim Bugental and Dr. Irv Yalom. More recently his training has included Dr. Ariadne Beck’s “group- as-a-whole” model with Jim Fishman. He is currently in private practice in San Anselmo, where he works with couples, individuals, and groups.

Existential-Humanistic Institute (EHI)
EHI offers trainings, workshops and education in Existential-Humanistic approaches to psychotherapy. Formed in 1997 as a program under the auspices of the Pacific Institute, a non-profit organization in San Francisco, EHI continues to offer experiential training retreats, certificate programs, workshops, consultation groups, theory courses and community gatherings in the Bay Area with the goal of supporting existentially and humanistically informed psychologies and psychotherapies: approaches that focus on and nurture subjective experiential reflection of life’s deepest joys and predicaments.

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

New Scientific American Post on The Polarized Mind by Schneider & Fatemi

Today's Biggest Threat: The Polarized Mind  

By Kirk J. Schneider and Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi
Scientific American, April 16, 2019

Scientific American has published Dr.'s Kirk J. Schneider and Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi recent article in the Observastions blog about the current pervasive threat the Polarized Mind has to the today's more and more divided societies, around the world, and how, to counter it, they are calling "for a mobilization of mindfulness practices and dialogue groups on the scale of a public works program for human civility."  Schneider and Fatemi outline the polarized mind as "the fixation on a single point of view to the utter exclusion of competing points of view." This fixation, with it's basis in fear and anxiety, is causing strife within varied societies across the globe preventing bitterly divided groups from finding common ground. The authors present mindfulness as one of the key counters to the polarized mind and they also outline how dialogue groups, like the Better Angels, can provide opportunities for moving beyond divisive attitudes and extremist positions. Read more in the article: "Today's Biggest Threat: The Polarized Mind" by Schneider and Fatemi on the Scientific American website.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Dr Kirk Schneider Introduces EHI's Annual Existential-Humanistic Therapy Training in Sonoma

The Experiential Residential Retreat - The Core of EHI Programs

The Existential-Humanistic Institute holds an annual training in the Spring for it's education programs. The 6-day, 5-night experiential residential retreat is the core of EHI's hands-on unique training. It allows licensed professionals and graduate students in psychology, counseling, medical and care fields to come together in a safe environment, build community and experience how E-H therapy is practiced up close and personally.

EHI Faculty, all noted leaders in the field, emphasize the key ingredients of the E-H approach, including empathy, acceptance, and genuineness, to model how trainees can create safe, collaborative and life-changing therapeutic encounters. They demonstrate how the therapeutic relationship, in and of itself is a vehicle for healing and change and how therapeutic "presence" cultivates sensitivity and appropriate responsiveness to clients emotions, relational patterns and inner worlds.These two essential principles: building the therapeutic relationship and working in the "here and now" are the foundational blocks of E-H therapy and EHI training.

The residential involves a combination of relationship-building, learning of theoretical foundations, and first-hand experiences wherein theory comes to life. At times, this may involve faculty members demonstrating their way of working with clients and inviting commentary; at other times, participants work in dyads with each other, and receive direct feedback from a faculty member as they work.
These various ways of learning allow participants to gain a deeper, more embodied sense of what E-H therapy has to offer. The experiential training also provides participants a way of personally understanding how work on themselves mirrors their ability to work with clients.

2018-2019 Experiential Dates

  • EHI Experiential Retreat: Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 through Tuesday, May 28th, 2019


Gain a Foundation in Existential-Humanistic Therapy Practice
Download the Program Application Today »

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Existential-Humanistic Therapy Training Retreat - May, 2019



Existential-Humanistic Training

Sonoma, CA: Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 at 9:00am thru Tuesday, May 28th, 2019 at 1:00pm

EHI is excited to continue our new single experiential training for 2019's education and training programs! Due to the fantastic response of 2018's cohort, EHI has made the combined experiential training a permanent feature of the education programs. Students now travel to Sonoma for training just once per year!
This six-day/five-night residential retreat course offers 32.5 hours of skill development training (with a total of 45 hours of programming) in Sonoma from May 23, 2019 to May 28, 2019.

For the course description with objectives please visit the Course Description page.

The EHI Experiential Training in Existential-Humanistic Therapy

 Certificate in the Foundations of E-H Practice for participants seeking to develop a foundational understanding of depth-work through an existential-humanistic lens. More >>

 Experiential Retreat Program for participants who would like to attend EHI's experiential training which emphasizes effective relational and experiential principles of practice. More >>