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Friday, May 14, 2010

Welcome to EHI's Blog

EHI provides a forum, a home, for those mental health professionals, scholars, and students who seek in-depth training in existential-humanistic theory and practice. EHI is for trainees who believe that in optimal psychotherapy, as Rollo May said, it is not this or that symptom, but "the life of the client" that is "at stake" — and that it is precisely this life that must be supported, accompanied, and encountered.


  1. Welcome to our EHI blog! This Blog serves all of us to speak about the truly existential issues we all need to face as we live our lives - please share freely!
    Nader R. Shabahangi

  2. I just wanted to comment on the book discussion at Saybrook for Kirk Schneider and Orah Krug's latest publication through APA, "Existential-Humanistic Therapy." Despite the discussion being scheduled during the President's talk at Saybrook, just about every chair in the room for the discussion was filled. I think this indicates that there is a strong interest in learning more about EH modalities. It was heartening to witness that kind of turnout, and of course, Orah and Kirk gave a passionate and engaging talk on their book that included discussion of context factors in therapy, paradox, the importance of mystery, and an excerpt of a case study that illustrated some of the basic tenants of EH therapy.