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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gloria Saltzman Reviews The Polarized Mind by Kirk Schneider

Gloria Saltzman, psychotherapist in private practice in San Francisco, reviews The Polarized Mind by Kirk Schneider in a piece entitled, "A Historical Haiku on Human Conflict."

The Polarized Mind
Kirk Schneider, PhD
University Professors Press, 2013

Here is the closing quote from the piece:

"Schneider has written a beautiful book that is informative and easy to read. His collection of historical events gives a clear understanding of how he understands why good men have killed other good men since the beginning of recorded time. What must come next, is a conceptual plan to reduce the underlying causes of polarized thinking, the experience of not being seen, of feeling invisible and powerless. In addition, we must also address the confines of mental illness and the lack of effective treatment available to all who suffer. We must not ignore the fact that lethal weapons and easy access to them also play a large role in the level of violence we live with. Schneider contends that by being “ignorant of life’s paradoxes…miracles are squandered.” Tolerance and mutual respect not withstanding, to live in an America without guns and with mental health services available to all would be a big step in keeping “ the polarized mind” in check and would in fact be miraculous." Saltzman, Gloria. "A Historical Haiku on Human Conflict." August 26, 2013.

Read the well-thought out review by Gloria Saltzman in full online here on Tikkun's website.

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