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Monday, October 7, 2013

Candice Hershman, MA, LMFT, Doctoral Candidate and Sonja Saltman, MA EHI:7 Session Outline

Befriending Each Other: Befriending Agency & Meaning Through Community

Candice Hershman, MA, LMFT, Doctoral Candidate and Sonja Saltman, MA    90 min

In a world that is becoming increasingly technological and globalized, people have adapted to both the advantages and disadvantages of rapid access to information and communication. However, people are additionally becom- ing more isolated and disconnected from each other. The unfortunate result is waning empathy that results from estrangement of the whole-bodied self and the whole experience of others. However, when we entrust our interac- tions to the basic existential principles of relationship and presence in the here and now, we re-establish intra and interpersonal awareness, strengthen empathy, and meet each other, no matter how different our perspectives may be. Hegel’s model of “thesis, antithesis, and synthesis” becomes possible when we become present to the experience of a diverse community in an intimate, heartfelt setting. This sets the tone for problem solving on a local, grassroots level that will hopefully impact our global world. This is the center where our personal empowerment begins.

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