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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Announcing New EHI Modular Training Program!

EHI now offers an individualized training program for those primarily interested in the experiential trainings that we offer. Once accepted into the program, participants may sign up to attend the two experientials, and may also opt to participate in video consultations with our faculty. The Modular Training Program is basically an a la carte program, for students who want to participate in our experiential trainings without enrolling in a certificate program. Students may always opt into the certificate track if they so desire.

MT Program Specifics

As an MT student you will be able to participate in one or both of the training modules, that is, the experiential module and the video consult module. If you choose to participate in the experiential module, you will join a cohort and attend two sequential trainings, one in October of 2014, and the second in March of 2015. You may also choose to participate in a video group consultation module which consists of five 2-hour group consults, which take place between Experiential I and Experiential II. The experiential trainings and video consultations are priced individually so you have the option to take part in one or both, depending on your particular learning needs.

Find out more about the new Modular Training Program here on the EHI website.

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