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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Save the Date! EHI 9th Annual Conference Nov 12th, 2016 San Francisco

The Existential-Humanistic Institute Presents: EHI 9th Annual Conference - human hand and robot reaching  


November 12th, 2016 San Francisco


November 12th, 2016 
Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm

AgeSong University 
350 University Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Exploring the Intersection of the
Digital Age and the E-H Therapeutic Perspective 
Professionals: $100 
Students: $50

Registration Opens July 31st

Existential Therapists Explore Concerns of the Modern World
The German poet Novalis, when asked where he thinks the human being is going, answered that ‘we are always going home’. Artists and thinkers from many different cultures have expressed similarly that in our seeking a ‘home’ we are searching for a place where we belong. This search relates to our need to feel connected, both in terms of relationships to other people and in terms of a need to contribute to our humanity.
As existential thinkers and therapists we ask ourselves how the digital revolution helps and hinders our need to find ‘home’. Is the digital revolution contributing to our human evolution to be more at home in this world or does it prevent us from being truly in relationship with others, from experiencing a sense of awe and wonder? Do we feel there are more opportunities to connect through the many digital means afforded us today?
On this day of our gathering, we will try to explore and find answers to these questions and more. Our hope is to understand more deeply for what we humans long as we are ‘on our way home’.

"Technology challenges us to assert our human values, which means that first of all, we have to figure out what they are."
- Sherry Turkle, Director, MIT Initiative on Technology and Self

Find out more on the EHI 9th Annual Conference page.

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