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Monday, August 22, 2016

EHI's Fall E-H Therapy Consult Group

Monthly Saturday Sessions
September, 2016 thru January, 2017
Updated as of August 22, 2016

We are pleased to continue the monthly Existential-Humanistic Consult Group in San Francisco.

In this group you will work with Dr. Orah Krug to deepen your understanding of how to work with clients from an e-h perspective.

  • We'll focus on:
  • a) cultivating personal and relation presence,
  • b) tracking and reflecting process, and
  • c) increasing your facility to resolve clients' detrimental protective patterns.
  • By role-playing your clients we'll deepen your understanding of:
  • a) their self and world constructs,
  • b) how their protective patterns may trigger you, and
  • c) how to work with your personal contexts to resolve therapeutic impasses and help your clients accept disowned aspects of themselves.

When and Where: Saturdays from 10:30am -12:30pm at Agesong in Hayes Valley

Dates: Sept 17th, Oct 15th, Nov 19th, Dec 10th, and January 14th

Cost:$300 for the set of 5 sessions*

Please contact Michelle, the EHI Administrative Assistant, by email at admin[at] to register.

*Due to the nature of the consult group missed sessions are non-transferable.

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