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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Participate in New Research Project at Saybrook University: Key Influences on Humanistic Psychology

Dr Louis Hoffman and co-researchers at Saybrook University invite you to participate...
Key Influences on Humanistic Psychology Survey:
Study Participants Needed

EHI would like to share this invitation to participate in a research study being conducted at Saybrook University.
Dr. Louis Hoffman and students at Saybrook University are conducting a research study identifying influences on humanistic psychology. Participants will complete an online survey. The survey takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Questions asked are about the most influential authors and scholarship. Those who meet the criteria below can participate.
Participants should meet the following criteria:  
  • Participants must have two-years of experience as a humanistic psychology professional.
  • Participants must speak English.
  • Participants must be 20-years old or older.
Please visit the following link to participate in the study:
The researchers for this project are Dr. Louis Hoffman, Jane Paige, Gayle Byock, Shawn Ellis, Julia Falk, Michaela Lewis, Jennifer O'Neill, Jacquie Sarsfield Vassall, Danielle Silveira, Gwen Sipes, Dominique Wamsley, Ashley Whitaker, and Tammi Vu. Dr. Louis Hoffman is a faculty member at Saybrook University in California. The co-researchers are students at Saybrook University. They are conducting a research study to identify influences on humanistic psychology. The research team invites you to participate.

Research Contact Information:
If you have questions about this survey, you can contact the researchers at

This study is being conducted by Dr Louis Hoffman and the co-researchers from Saybrook University. EHI is excited to support this existential research by sharing this invitation with you. EHI is not directly involved in the study.

Download the Saybrook University Research Project Flyer:

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