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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Article by Bob Edelstein on "4 Ways to Experience Authentic Engagement"

4 Ways to Experience Authentic Engagement 
by Bob Edelstein
Published in Authentic Engagement on Psychology Today 
December 24, 2013

Bob Edelstein, EHI Board Advisor, has recently published a new article on his blog "Authentic Engagement" about the complexity of being authentic.

 From the article:
"Authentic engagement is an alive, passionate, embodied, and profound way of being. It is complex. We are not just authentically engaged in a vacuum. We must be authentically engaged in relationship to someone or something. As I see it, in our human endeavors, there are four ways we authentically engage."
Read the whole article by Bob Edelstein at Authentic Engagement on Psychology Today.

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