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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dr E.Mark Stern's Keynote Address at EHI7 2013 Annual Conference [PDF]

EHI had it's 7th Annual Conference this last November and we are delighted to be able to share Dr Stern's Keynote Address with you.
Here is an excerpt from Dr. Stern's Keynote:

"Dear people-WELCOME- as I stand before you I most want to establish my footing.

Our related souls may well commix.

So to begin, years and years back and as much as my current 84th year I necessarily continue to reckon with why I persist in being drawn to psychotherapy(or at least the therapy that I have been suited to do.) My format of psychotherapy is not a procedure that needfully curers but more, a process of nurturing and connecting with a core of where the person is, and where they either except the sense of who I am as well as seriously wanted to appear, to where I want to go. So it is accepting double- or as Otto Rank (1941) points out, "the shadow (who is) his mysterious double as spiritual yet real being" (p.71).

The novelist Lawrence Durell (1949) entwines with my culture when he notes that "Psychoanalysis has been in danger of devoting itself only to the tailoring of behavior, too heavily weighted down by the superstructure of clinical terminology, it has been in danger of thinking in terms of medical entities rather than patients." (p.ix)"

~Dr E. Mark Stern, EHI7 Keynote Address, November 15, 2013

Download the full Dr E. Mark Stern's EHI7 Keynote Address here. -[PDF]

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