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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Current DIV 32 President Kirk Schneider Shares Vision for Upcoming Year at the Society for Humanistic Psychology

Kirk Schneider, EHI's Vice President, shares a vision for his coming year as 2016 President of The Society for Humanistic Psychology highlighting some of the challenges faced by today's society. In his message to the division Dr Schneider "discusses how humanistic and existential psychology can contribute to healing a polarized society and ways to ensure humanistic educational opportunities for future generations." Dr Kirk Schneider also inaugurates his presidential them for his term, “Reawakening Awe in Psychology and Life.” Dr Kirk shares that "by “awe” I mean the humility and wonder or sense of adventure toward living. I mean a reawakening of our recognition of the paradoxes of life, that is, the whole of life, that embraces both our great vulnerabilities and fragilities before the vastness of existence, as well as our equally great resiliencies and capacities to participate in that vastness and create our lives anew. Read the full Message to the Society for Humanistic Psychology from the October 2015 division newsletter.