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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Dr Kirk Schneider Introduces EHI's Annual Existential-Humanistic Therapy Training in Sonoma

The Experiential Residential Retreat - The Core of EHI Programs

The Existential-Humanistic Institute holds an annual training in the Spring for it's education programs. The 6-day, 5-night experiential residential retreat is the core of EHI's hands-on unique training. It allows licensed professionals and graduate students in psychology, counseling, medical and care fields to come together in a safe environment, build community and experience how E-H therapy is practiced up close and personally.

EHI Faculty, all noted leaders in the field, emphasize the key ingredients of the E-H approach, including empathy, acceptance, and genuineness, to model how trainees can create safe, collaborative and life-changing therapeutic encounters. They demonstrate how the therapeutic relationship, in and of itself is a vehicle for healing and change and how therapeutic "presence" cultivates sensitivity and appropriate responsiveness to clients emotions, relational patterns and inner worlds.These two essential principles: building the therapeutic relationship and working in the "here and now" are the foundational blocks of E-H therapy and EHI training.

The residential involves a combination of relationship-building, learning of theoretical foundations, and first-hand experiences wherein theory comes to life. At times, this may involve faculty members demonstrating their way of working with clients and inviting commentary; at other times, participants work in dyads with each other, and receive direct feedback from a faculty member as they work.
These various ways of learning allow participants to gain a deeper, more embodied sense of what E-H therapy has to offer. The experiential training also provides participants a way of personally understanding how work on themselves mirrors their ability to work with clients.

2018-2019 Experiential Dates

  • EHI Experiential Retreat: Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 through Tuesday, May 28th, 2019


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