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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Heidi Wachter of Experience Life Magazine Interviews Kirk Schneider on "Awe"

Interested in finding out how to bring awe-based consciousness into your life? EHI can recommend a recent article that includes an interview with Dr Kirk Schneider of EHI. Written by Heidi Wachter and featured in the December, 2015 issue of Experience Life magazine.

by Heidi Wachter, Experience Life Magazine, December 2015

Heidi Wachter, staff writer of Experience Life magazine, writes a timely article on awe and leads readers to "discover how the feeling of awe can make us humbler, kinder, and more altruistic."

In her article Heidi conducts a Q&A with Kirk Schneider, PhD on "Becoming Awed." She asks Kirk some specific questions on the positive impact of awe, on how we "tap into awe-based consciousness," and how we can cultivate more awe in our life.

Read the whole article, Awestruck, by Heidi Wachter on  Experience Life Magazine's website or read the excerpt of the interview with Kirk Schneider on his blog, Awakening to Awe, on