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Thursday, November 8, 2018

New Early-Bird Tuition Discounts for Training Programs Until Nov 20th

The Existential-Humanistic Institute is excited to offer a couple of limited-time Tuition Discounts to program participants who are paying their full tuition before November 20th, 2018.

Early-Bird Tuition Discounts Available

EHI Certificate in the Foundations of Existential-Humanistic Practice Program

The Foundations in Existential-Humanistic Practice program is designed for those looking to gain both theoretical and practical grounding in integrating Existential-Humanistic techniques into the therapeutic process. The intention of the certificate program coursework is to provide students with such a foundational core by integrating both theory and practice into each course.

The theoretical part focuses on existential-humanistic therapy in general and on three of its founders, Rollo May, James Bugental, and Irvin Yalom, in particular. An overarching assumption of existential-humanistic therapy is that it is the client’s in-the-moment experiencing that forms both the underlying and actual process in therapy. This assumption anchors the existential therapist in the principles of practice that focus on experience over explanation and process over content. 

Thus the skill-development part focuses on learning to: (a) identify meaning-making processes unfolding in the present moment, (b) illuminate these “actual but often unrecognized” processes by cultivating intrapsychic and interpersonal presence, (c) develop a safe and intimate therapeutic relationship, (d) recognize and work with existential life issues which may be present but disguised, and (e) recognize and work with transference and counter transference issues within an existential framework. 

 Early-Bird Discount Offer for the Foundations Certificate Program
Students accepted into the 2018-2019 Cohort are offered a $415 discount off of program tuition if full tuition payment is in by November 20th, 2018.

EHI Experiential Retreat Existential - Humanistic Therapeutic Practice Training Program

The 6-day, 5-night experiential residential is the core of EHI's training. It allows licensed professionals and graduate students in psychology or counseling to come together in a safe environment, get to know one another intimately, and experience how E-H therapy is practiced up close and personally. 
EHI Faculty, all noted leaders in the field, emphasize the key ingredients of the E-H approach, including empathy, acceptance, and genuineness, to model how trainees can create safe, collaborative and life-changing therapeutic encounters. They demonstrate how the therapeutic relationship, in and of itself is a vehicle for healing and change and how therapeutic "presence" cultivates sensitivity and appropriate responsiveness to clients emotions, relational patterns and inner worlds.These two essential principles: building the therapeutic relationship and working in the "here and now" are the foundational blocks of E-H therapy and EHI training.

The residential involves a combination of relationship-building, learning of theoretical foundations, and first-hand experiences wherein theory comes to life. At times, this may involve faculty members demonstrating their way of working with clients and inviting commentary; at other times, participants work in dyads with each other, and receive direct feedback from a faculty member as they work.

Early-Bird Discount Offer for Experiential Existential-Humanistic Therapeutic Practice Training Program 

Option a. $265 discount off of full payment of $2,150.00 for retreat tuition if payment is made by Tuesday, November 20, 2018; an additional $35 discount if attendee also purchases the Consult Group package (5 Video Sessions) at the same time. 
Option b.$90 discount if 1st half of split-payment for Retreat Tuition is made by 11/20; an additional $30 discount if attendee purchases the Consult Group by 11/20.

Questions? Contact the Admin Assistant, Michelle at

Want to Apply? Find the application here on this Programs Page for more information about EHI's Educational Offerings. 

Interested in Existential-Humanistic Events? Visit the Conference Page for more information about the upcoming Fall Conference with Dr Alfried Laengle, our Keynote Speaker and Special Guest; Nov 30th & Dec 1st, 2018.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Video: Dr Alfried Laengle Invites You to Attend EHIs 10th Conference Nov 30 & Dec 1st 2018

2018 Conference Invitation from Dr. Alfried Längle
Nov 30th & Dec 1st, 2018 San Francisco

From Sigmund Freud to Viktor Frankl to Alfried Längle:
The Legacy of Vienna and the Search for Meaning

Dr. Alfried Längle of Vienna Invites You to Attend EHI's 10th Conference Nov 30 & Dec 1st 2018 from Existential-Humanistic Institute on Vimeo.
Dr. Alfried Längle, renowned Existential Anylaist introduces the upcoming 10th Existential-Humanistic Conference to be held in San Francisco on Nov 30th and Dec 1st, 2018 by Existential-Humanistic Institute and Pacific Institute.
With descriptions of the conference sessions, Dr. Längle invites you to join him and other seekers in the "Search for Meaning" at the Conference.

From Sigmund Freud to Viktor Frankl to Alfried Längle:
The Legacy of Vienna and the Search for Meaning

Presented in Partnership by: The Existential-Humanistic Institute & Pacific Institute

Dates: Friday Evening, November 30th & Saturday, December 1st, 2018

Location: First Unitarian Universalist Church and Center, 1187 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 

You are invited to engage with us in two days of Existential-Humanism!

Join those interested in existential-humanistic awareness, non-therapists and therapists alike!

We invite those who seek a life of meaning by delving into Existential-Humanism.

Of course, we also invite mental health practitioners interested in applying existential-humanism to their practice; therapists, counselors, mental health providers, care-givers, doctors, nurses, social workers, behavioral health practitioners and students for two days as we explore The Search for Meaning!

Registration through Eventbrite: Register Now