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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

New Online Training: Core Skills in Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy

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May 14 – 16, 2021
New Online Training: Core Skills in Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy

EHI Faculty Facilitating

Workshop Host: Existential-Humanistic Institute

Dates: 15-Hour Intensive Starts Friday, May 14th - Sunday, May 16th, 2021

3 Day Schedule: Friday: 12 to 3pm PDT; Saturday the 15th & Sunday the 16th: 8am to 3pm PDT (each with 1-hour lunch break).

Fee Schedule: $659 Regular Licensed/Pre-Licensed Level or $609 Regular Elder/Student* Level
The following Early-bird offers are available:
The "Early early-bird" rates: $599 Licensed/Pre-Licensed or $549 Elder/Student-register & pay in full by 1/20/21
The "Regular early-bird" rates are $629 Licensed/Pre-Licensed or $579 Elder/Student-register & pay in full after 1/20/21 but by 3/01/21
*Elder/Student Eligibility: Elder=65+ and Student=Currently enrolled in a therapeutic Master's/PhD program.

Online: This is a Live Workshop via Zoom Meeting w/ Zoom Breakout Rooms

To maximize and facilitate the experience (even on Zoom), the number of participants will be limited - so please register early to ensure your spot!

CE: CEs pending approval. CE Fee -TBA, Please contact us for more info regarding the course at


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An Existential-Humanistic approach to psychotherapy can be a foundation for all therapists seeking to do deep and life-changing work with their clients. The E-H approach is based on core ways of being and working with clients that help facilitate greater awareness, greater sense of choice, increased agency and adaptiveness and a deeper connection to self and others – all in the service of healing and growing. There are core capacities and skills an E-H therapist uses to help clients effectively explore and work through their existential predicaments so they can more fully access what deeply matters to them.

In this 15-hour online training, leading instructors in the E-H field will provide theoretical explanation and experiential opportunities for the development and/or strengthening of skills and capacities that are not only core to the E-H approach but can also support therapists of many other modalities cultivate a foundation for optimizing their technical skills.

Topics covered include:

  • The cultivation of presence as both the ground of therapy and one of its primary objectives
  • The focus on the "living moment" in working with the "here-and-now" experience of clients – staying with what presents itself phenomenologically rather than employing theoretical interventions
  • The differentiation between primary, direct experience and secondary, interpretive experience - and the emphasis on working with phenomenological experience
  • The meaning-making process and the formation of the Self-and-World Construct – helping client and therapist understand identity construction and de-construction
  • How to work with the client's ways of being in the world and how to utilize the therapist-client relationship to help shift unhelpful ways of being
  • How to identify and work through clients' inner battles in order to support their longings to emerge, and feel more choice-ful and psychospiritually whole
  • Integrating and embodying your theoretical beliefs and authentic sense of self in your work as a therapist

Who is This Training For?

This training is for licensed therapeutic professionals and those in Master's or Doctorate programs in related fields.

This training is ideal for those who have not yet had any intensive training in E-H therapy or for those who have and are seeking a refresher or reinforcement of what they've learned: this training works in and of itself but can also be a precursor to the longer residential training EHI holds or even a helpful follow-up to the residential training.

*Please Note: 

This is a 2-1/2 day mini-intensive workshop, not the longer course, "E-H Therapy: Principles of Practice," which is an experiential training course offered in our Certificate program and traditionally held as a residential retreat for 6 days. May's training workshop covers core skills and can be a precursor to the longer training course but it is not a substitute for "E-H Therapy: Principles of Practice"  which is a requirement towards earning EHI's Certificate in the Foundations of E-H Therapy Practice.

Our Online Workshops Include Experiential Work!

The upcoming workshop will be both didactic and experiential utilizing Zoom Meeting and Zoom Breakout Rooms.

This event is designed for both licensed/ pre-licensed professionals in the therapeutic fields and master's/graduate students in therapeutic programs.

Students, psychologists, MFTs, social workers, counselors, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and doctors are all encouraged to attend!

EHI Faculty Facilitating

EHI Faculty, emphasize the key ingredients of the E-H approach, including empathy, acceptance, and genuineness, to model how trainees can create safe, collaborative and life-changing therapeutic encounters. They demonstrate how the therapeutic relationship, in and of itself is a vehicle for healing and change and how therapeutic "presence" cultivates sensitivity and appropriate responsiveness to clients emotions, relational patterns and inner worlds. These two essential principles – working directly with the therapeutic relationship and working experientially in the "here and now" - are the foundational blocks of E-H therapy and EHI training.

Payment Information

There will minimum deposit option to hold one's spot when registering if you would like the option to pay the balance by the due date.The remainder needs to be paid by the above dates in order to get the relevant early-bird discount and registrant will be responsible for meeting the deadline. For those registering after 3/01/21, full payment is due by 4/15/21, and any registrants after that need to pay the total fee at once in order to register.

Refund policy: You'll receive a full refund, minus $25, if you withdraw by 1/20/21; and a full refund, minus $75, if withdrawn after 1/20/21 but by 4/15/21 (30 days prior to workshop). There are no refunds after that.

CEs will be offered, pending sponsorship approval. Fee: TBA.

Continuing Education Information

  • The Existential-Humanistic Institute (EHI) collaborates with the Society for Humanistic Psychology (Division 32 of the American Psychological Association) to provide APA Continuing Education credit at approved EHI events.

    APA Division 32, Society for Humanistic Psychology is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. APA Division 32, Society for Humanistic Psychology maintains responsibility for this program and its content.
  • Accessibility: It is the policy of EHI to make every reasonable effort to provide attendees with disabilities with the opportunity to take full advantage of its programs. Please contact us ahead of time so we can work with you arrange programming to needs. Please contact our Admin, Michelle by email at or by phone at 415.689.1475 for accessibility arrangements.



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