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Friday, October 4, 2013

Heatherlyn Hoffman, PsyD, Louis Hoffman, PhD and Theopia Jackson, PhD EHI:7 Session Outline

Cultural Competency & Existential Psychotherapy

Heatherlyn Hoffman, PsyD, Louis Hoffman, PhD and Theopia Jackson, PhD    90 minutes

Existential-humanistic psychology, as commonly represented in the professional literature and practice, is heavily steeped in Western and Euro-American culture and its assumptions. Despite this, it has great potential to be practiced in a culturally sensitive manner in diverse contexts and with diverse clientele. To accomplish this, existential therapy must be aware of its biases and assumptions that may be problematic to certain individuals and cultural groups while developing strategies to be adapted in varied settings and contexts. Cultural competency is generally defined to include self-awareness of one’s own cultural views, attitude toward cultural and other differences, knowledge of different cultural worldviews, and skills for working in cross-cultural settings. This presentation explores what it would mean for existential-humanistic therapy and its practitioners to be culturally competent.

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