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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jeff Sharp, Ph.D. EHI:7 Session Outline

Addressing Grief and a Looming Abyss: Uncertainty, Terror and Unexpected Rewards

Jeff Sharp, Ph.D.   90min

This presentation will initially focus on a critical, pivotal discussion I had with my Mother about nine months before her death. A discussion, that is, that required both of us to face considerable anxiety—and which greatly strengthened our relationship and provided us with immense opportunities to live in a more meaningful and fulfilling manner. I will look at two separate yet interwoven grieving processes: hers, and mine. Reflections on these processes, informed by Existential/Humanistic themes, Kubler’s Ross’s insights on death and dying, and Attachment Theory, will be shared. Following an initial narrative and theoretical presentation, we will have small group discussions in which participants can discuss related grieving processes and decisions in their own lives. We will create a safe context in which participants can explore, if desired, the risks inherent in addressing specific grieving issues in their own lives, and the risks inherent in avoiding these matters.

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