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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Koke Saavedra, Psy.D. and Galia Schechter, Psy.D. EHI:7 Session Outline

The Freedom to Choose in the Presence of Our Fears and Anxieties: Mindful Acceptance or Mindful Inquiry

Koke Saavedra, Psy.D. and Galia Schechter, Psy.D.    90 minutes

Over the last decade, mindfulness practices promoting a friendly relationship with our fears and anxieties (and other difficult psychological experiences) have become more central to existential–humanistic (such as gestalt, emotion-focused, somatic, etc) and experiential-behavioral(such as acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, etc) psycho therapeutic work with fear- and anxiety-related challenges. This momentous development has raised a fundamental question as to the distinct roles in psychotherapy of mindful inquiry, on the one hand, and mindful acceptance, on the other.

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