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Monday, October 21, 2013

Janet Jacobson, ACE, CNA/HHA, RNA EHI:7 Session Outline

How Dancers Think and Feel

Janet Jacobson, American Council on Exercise(ACE), CNA/HHA, RNA    90 minutes

My cousin Richard contracted Parkinson’s when he was 63, which was 10 years ago. His daily determination to exercise keeps him from succumbing completely to this disease. In a recent conversation, I moaned that I was worrying too much and needed to let it go. “No!” he quickly replied. “That’s energy, use it.” Of course, he is so right! I’ve had amazing turnarounds within a moment of anxiety. Rather than try and “let go” of this surging emotion I directed its energy toward an immediate task and simultaneously experienced movement possibilities.

It helps to have a Dancer’s frame of mind when flushed with worry or anxiety. My proposal for this session is to give attendees an intimate introduction to the way Dancers think and feel so they may expand their kinesthetic sense and befriend anxiety and worry.

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